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Lawnmower and small gas powered equipment maintenance tips


• Check Motor oil frequently for proper level. It’s a good habit to check the motor oil each time you fill the fuel tank. Assure that mower is setting on level ground.


• Always store fuel in a clean fuel rated gas container. Try to keep fuel fresh whenever possible use it up within 60 days of purchase. Never completely empty a gas container into your mower’s fuel tank. The last small amount of remaining fuel in a container is routinely contaminated with such materials as dirt, debris and water. Empty the last remaining fuel in the bottom of your gas container into  a separate container suitable for recycling and dispose of that fuel appropriately.


• Clean your mower frequently especially around belt guards and engine components. You may avoid having a fire as well as avoid prematurely breaking drive belts and pulleys. When mowing large lawns stop and turn the mower completely off whenever grass and debris builds up. Clean grass, sticks and debris from around deck belts and pulleys.  You just might be pleasantly surprised how long your deck components last when maintained properly.


• Inspect all tires for proper air pressure levels. It only takes a few pounds of air per square inch less in one or more tires to lower the mower and inch or more closer to the ground. That might just explain why the mower doesn’t cut level.


• Never operate a riding or push mower at higher speeds or on unstable ground or slopes where they cannot be safely controlled.


• Always pick up sticks, foreign objects and debris in lieu of running over them with a lawnmower. You might be surprised at how many repairs are required as a result of a lodged stick at the wrong place.


• Replacing the spark plug or plugs can be very beneficial. Be sure to install the correct model spark plug. Do not damage the threads or over tighten the plug. Do not drop anything into the cylinder wall during plug replacement.


• Grease chassis and other grease fittings often.


• Consider using non-ethanol gas (4 and 2 cycle) in your smaller gas power tools. It can be purchased in either one quart, One gallon and 5 gallon cans at most hardware stores. It costs more then gasoline from the pump but It will save you more in a long run.


• Be careful not to put straight gas in a power tool that calls for a gas -oil mixture or vise versa. Either one placed into the wrong type mower or tool (4 or 2 cycle engine) may cause major problems and damage.





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