Welcome to Frank's Garage


 Our service covers select automobile, truck, tractor and commercial equipment as well as lawn and garden equipment, many types of power tools.. We specialize in older vehicles (pre-1995) and our service experience reaches clear back to vehicles and other equipment from the late 1800's to the early 1900’s. In addition to automobiles and trucks we provide service for farm equipment, lawn and garden equipment, many types of commercial equipment as well as most power tools.


As a full functioning machine shop we can fabricate many items from design to completed product.

We offer welding, fabrication and repairs, electrical wiring and repairs, body and fender repairs and painting.


 We can provide pick up and delivery service.



1925 Buick Touring Car

Over 73 Years Serving The Community


1968 Ford Farm Truck

and a 1923 Model TT Ford Truck

5 Horse Power John Deere Hit and Miss Engine

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